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From My View.

From My View.

“From a very young age I always knew beauty,fashion and women’s well being would be the subject of my career. Having grown up in a home where my mom was an empowered entrepreneur I remember looking at her and wanting that busy over achieving lifestyle when I grew up.


Through the exploration of this notion I realized my natural inclination for design and fashion (probably my dads interior design influence) and thus my journey into fashion school began. For the fist time in my life I didn’t feel condemned to the norm, I didn’t feel I had to fit into a box I would have never fitted and I didn’t feel quite so airheaded as I was made out to be in high school I knew it was my calling and I had found my space of bliss. Getting a BA Degree seemed to be child’s play due to my passion for the material this always took away the pain of the realities of studying.


But like most things as passions grow so do career paths and the development of interests, in this space of thought and mindset is where my visions for TAKENBYSTORM developed, I knew that creating beauty is all I ever wanted to do but working for a brand wouldn’t give me what I needed and the entitlement and accolade I saw my mom receive and all of this was driven by my need to be as extraordinary as her, so I put my pride in my pocket and did the very thing that ‘airheads’ do and began to paint faces for a living.


Nothing can compare to the feeling you get inside of you when a women looks in the mirror once you are done to reveal the way she now sees herself, she is in ore, she has never felt this good and she cannot begin to imagine what she had been missing. Ever heard the expression empower a women empower a nation, in this case empowering that women even just for one night could change her world, we all know the powers of positive self awareness and realization I don’t need to talk of the wonders in that, but the knowing that you created it makes you feel completely unstoppable and so incredibly powerful. To all my clients thank you for giving me that pleasure.


Being a professional artist like all things has it perks and it’s not so perky moments, I got great opportunities and some not so great opportunities, but all of the choices I have made in my life, I base everything on from my personal life, my business and everything in between is these two philosophies and ways of thinking…..


Always choose passion over pride for you will never work a day in your life and the second one is quite simple and it reads if what you doing doesn’t make someone feel better about themselves then are you even doing any thing at all. 


They seem simple, uncomplexed and totally achievable, my belief is until you authentically doing what you love to do everyday whether you have no money or make no money you will always feel full and rich.


My advice for what its worth is take the plunge do the ‘airhead’ thing and hey you never know you might build an empire while you at it. Don’t take my words for it just watch me build mine.”

– Storm Stocker.

Conceptual Fashion based makeup design.