First impressions- Justine Tissue oil

First impressions- Justine Tissue oil

Can I just start off by saying the smell ¬†is one of my absolutely favorite parts of this amazing product, I don’t know why but it reminds me of when I was younger, after a conversation with my mom she reminded me that this miracle oil was the stuff she bathed in when she was pregnant with my now 17 year old brother.

So there is your proof of how beauty products can bring about all types of emotions and memories. Now that the reminiscing is done let’s get down to business…

My first impression of this product has been amazing … the packaging and presentation from Justine was something fit for a delivery to a queen and it made me feel so fancy , it’s all about presentation and they do get that right!

My first use of this product was all over my skin and hands just before bed last night and I could not believe how my skin just drank the product in , and to make things even better I woke up with silky soft skin , with absolutely no residue or oils left on the surface of my skin. This for me in the ultimate indication of a product really penetrating my skin and getting to work effectively.

Can I also just mention how great the texture it ! I love that fact that it’s not runny and watery like other tissue oils available on the market, it feels dense and i like that, almost a hybrid between a serum and an oil. I feel the main reason for this in justine’s concepts of a very concentrated ¬†products.

I can’t wait to continue using it on my face and seeing the results and effects it has on my face and body. I am almost certain its going to help all problem areas for me, not just my dryness and fine lines but also my freckles. Here’s to hoping for a forever freakle free skin!


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