August Look Book 2017

August Look Book 2017

August 2017 Look Book


“I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet.” — Carrie Bradshaw


To me, this is an eternally relevant quote – as said by my very first style icon and fashion writing inspiration Carrie Bradshaw. Yup, I’m talking about that Carrie – the Carrie with the Vera Wang dress, the Carrie we all wanted to be – the very same Carrie that continues to inspires us through omnibus re-runs of Sex and the City. Due to budget constraints though, I am forced to park this quote right at the back of my mind every time I enter a store – but here’s to hoping that changes!


As a creative I am constantly inspired by visuals and the majority of these visuals are street-style fashion based – from my beloved Vogue pages to my favorite YouTube style bloggers Look Books, or even just scrolling trough The Sartorialist – I am constantly inspired to shop, create, style and share my journey with clients and followers.


When I made the decision to pursue a career in fashion at LISOF, I knew I wanted my styling visions to inspire in the same ways others have inspired me. Enter my Style Diary! This week I am letting you in on that diary sharing my Top 5 Fashion Forward looks of the season.


I have really enjoyed playing around with textures, and more specifically the fishnets and ripped jeans look. Maybe it’s the recent cold front that inspired this look but I have gone back into the archives of my wardrobes and mixed my vintage thrift-store jackets with my new cleaner line items. This creates a beautiful, miss-match, street-style look and I like it a lot. The blend of old and the new is one that will always prevail in my styling and one I encourage my clients to explore. Let’s be honest, it’s virtually impossible to create new looks every single day with entirely new garments (unless you’re Carrie of course).


About colors: My pallet for the season has been pretty natural but I’ve thrown in elements of on-trend color that have lifted my wardrobe significantly and I think that allows me to not only liven my own mood but also make each outfit feel inspired.





Storm Stocker



Photographic Images: Claudine Dufour Photography for TAKENBYSTORM (PTY) LTD





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