Introducing The Incredible Karma

Introducing The Incredible Karma

Nothing speaks more volumes to me then GIRL POWER, yes you may call me a feminist but I am constantly on the look out for women who are complete industry shape shifters. I have undoubtedly come across another one of these incredible women. This Power women I speak of is not only one of my clients that is going to take the world by storm, she is also a phenomenal friend and just an all round grounded and genuine soul. She is the amazing KARMA.


KARMA launched her first official song last week making it available for us to all download, you need this song in your library. I have absolutely no doubt that it is going to be HUGE and I am so honored to be apart of this incredible journey as Karma’s official makeup artist at TAKENBYSTORM (pty) Ltd.


KARMA is not only an incredible vocalist but she has created a fresh urban sound style blending many genres, from Urban pop to electronica. Her sound is something that is completely unique and in my opinion exactly what our South African music industry needed! One of the most captivating things about KARMA is her vibrant and sex exuding personality on stage, through her interaction with the audience and attitude it is very easy to see her incredibly compelling and authentic personality come through. She creates a bond with you as an audience member through her eye contact and infectious personality that could turn anyone into an instant super fan.


“IMAGE”- This is karma’s first official single, and it leaves me with chills every time I hear it. KARMA has created a song based on her feelings of darkness in love and not being able to remove herself from a lasting memory of a past lover. These emotions have been translated extremely effectively into a future chart topping hit.


IMAGE is accompanied with the most incredible music video, shot by the talented Liam Halfpenny who has also shot for the likes of Johnny Apple and the beautiful Chiano Sky. Image explores the two sides to Karma featuring the juxtaposition or Ying and Yang emotions described in the single. Her music video is compelling to the viewer as she pulls you right into her emotion through the intense visuals and her two distinctive slit personality traits.


Makeup was something that we conceptualized around these two sides of KARMA, on set and during the shooting process we began with a softer more feminine 20th century inspired look with a dark focus feature lip. We then built her look up to a strong cat eye with various tones of jeweled shadows, this has subsequently become KARMA’S signature look and it is always exciting creating new versions of this look for each shoot or live performance that we do.


KARMA is a name we are going to be hearing a lot more often and a name that will soon become a favorite of many. To purchase her first official single as well as to view the video we have all worked so hard on please follow all the appropriate links below.




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IMAGE Music Video-


Get IMAGE, Karma’s debut single on ITUNES at




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Instagram – @Thekarma_official



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