Hydration With Neutrogena- The Ultimate Secret to Ageing Slower

Hydration With Neutrogena- The Ultimate Secret to Ageing Slower

Neutrogena Hydro – Boost Water Gel

I absolutely love the concept of a slow releasing moisture gel , A few high end brand have released products with similar technologies however this is something new for a more affordable brand. I love this moisturize, it speaks to all my senses in terms of the way it both makes my skin feel, its sent and the feeling I am left with. I apply the gel both at night and during the day after my sun care routines. During the day it gives me a beautiful glow through my foundation and in the evening I wake up with beautiful hydration.

What more can you ask for from a hydration product? The Hyaluronic Gel Matrix technology allows the product to slowly release moisture into the skin as and when it is needed.

One of the favorites parts about the product is as you apply it to the skin it dries immediately, no waiting for it to soak into the skin creating the perfect canvas for adding foundation on top of it.

As a makeup artist its so important for me to carry all types of products, skin care included, The hydro boost from Neutrogena is defiantly going straight into the kit for any of my clients that experience flakiness or a cake effect.

A definite repurchase from my side. At only R139.95 Who would add it to there monthly grocery basket. Available from Dischem , Clicks and other leading pharmacies.



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