Whats On My Makeup Table This February?

Whats On My Makeup Table This February?

Wow its been more then a hot minute since I have sat down to tell you guys about what I have been loving this year. Let me just start off by saying what a whirlwind this year has been so far. Blessed is literally the only word that comes to my mind. Things have taken off in leaps and bounds and I feel as though its time to give you guys a little bit more insight into my makeup kit and what me and my clients have been LOVING so far this year.


  • Primer – I am the first to admit that primer is a step I ALWAYS skip but we all know that it’s a bad plan, the thing that motivates me about this MAC Prep and Prime Skin Brightening Serum is that it is so much more then just a primer, it’s a full skin care product with amazing results for dull looking skin. I love throwing this on models and to be honest most of my clients absolutely love the over all effect it gives for under your foundation.


2.) MAC FIX plus. Done, really does this product need any kind of introduction or explanation. Its just life. That simple. Set foundation, Prep your skin and refresh your skin whenever you need to. Fix +. Just go. Right now. GO.


3.) Labello Vanilla Butter Cream Lip Balm, this last month I teamed up with Labello and RubyBox to review this awesome lip care product and I promise you when I say it blew me out of the water its no lie. I wear liquid lipsticks almost every single day. We all know the sand paper for lips you get from that obsession. If I use this baby just ONCE my lips are back to their normal soft supple self. Also the amazing price point and the fact that it available almost EVERYWHERE is a massive advantage. Big thumbs up for this product.



4.) 27 Red and Stage line have just brought out the most amazing HD foundation pallet with 12 colors in it. In the past 3 months I have been using all of these shades on every single skin tone you can imagine. I am so excited to say that this pallet has taken over my kit. Not having to luge around massive bottles of foundation where ever I go is a massive advantage saving me space and time. It’s not often that a makeup artist is able to put all their faith onto one foundation pallet. Stay tune for a lot more information about this amazing brand and a very exiting Stage Line announcement.


5.) If you have been following my instagram account you would have been seeing my crazy amount of posts about Dany Cosmetics new range of liquid lippies. Her extensive range of colors make it really hard for me to pick my favorite however this muted grey tone is definatly doing something great for me. I absolutely love Nude #2. Shop Dany Cosmetics liquid lipsticks now on www.danycosmetics.co.za


6.) Light it up baby. Admittedly I have only used this a few times but I was completely stunned by the color pay off. I was umming and arrring about weather to write about this purely because I know its not available in SA however if you planning an order or even a trip over seas you HAVE to get your hands on this highlighting pallet from Revolution. This limited edition highlighter pallet is called Soph. My favorite part of this pallet has got to be the fact that all of the highlighter shades are powders and not liquid or balm like formulas. The color range is also so amazing. I know I can take this pallet on any job and know I can make those cheek bones pop no matter what the clients skin tone is.


6.) last but defiantly not least are lashes from Eyelash Boutique. I have just completed my next order and yes I have found the brand that I can ALWAYS count on when it comes to offering my client the best natural yet bold lashes. For a makeup artist it’s really hard to justify spending R250 for a single lash set, so at R200 for 5 Pairs is right up my alley. At that price I was really skeptical about purchasing them but I cannot wait to receive my next parcel from the brand.


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