Tru Gel is it really worth the hype?

Tru Gel is it really worth the hype?


From the very moment you walk into a Day Life Spa you feel like a million bucks.

The best part about the experience for me is that it does not matter if you are just having a simple pedicure or if you have a full day of treatments you are ALWAYS treated like absolute royalty. I have been lucky enough to experience a full day of different treatments at the spa previously, however I have never experienced a pedicure quite like the one I experienced courtesy of Brand Addicts and Tru Gel.

Upon arriving in to the beauty room with my favorite kind of fancy coffee waiting for me, I was greeted by the friendliest staff members and shown to the most amazing wall of colors’ to choose from. It took me ages to settle on a shade and the staff where very eager to help me, unlike most experiences I have had before.


Tru Gel really does have a shade for every mood and moment but of course me being me, I had to choose the shade that matched most of my shoes!! ((Guilty shoe addict)) My shade of choice was Crème de la Crème. Most people may think it’s boring but I honestly think it’s the absolute perfect shade of nude for my skin tone, not too brown and defiantly not too pink. It’s just right. Tru Gel has an extensive range of nude tones to suit any skin tone under the sun. When it comes to the nail industry this is always something that is vital and what I use to judge a brands colour.

Apart from the most amazing scrub, foot massage and endless coffees I was able to experience all the spa facilities such as the spa pool, the Himalayan salt room as well as the amazing roof top loungers.

Day Life Spa really is a little piece of sensory and relaxation amongst all the hustle and bussle of the city. Was it worth it? 100%. The Tru Gel products have lasted extremely well on my nails with no chipping, lifting or discoloration at all.

Just as I was leaving the spa I was gifted a stunning little package from Brand Addicts containing their famous paraffin wax and a luxurious hand cream. Since my treatment I have been applying the Paraffin wax to my feet after each shower. This has kept my feet smooth and soft since my visit. The hand cream is also to die for and is the perfect size for my handbag.

For your Tru Gel pedicure booking contact Day Life Spa Fourways today and experience the same 10 star treatments I did.

Life Day Spa Fourways
2 Design Quarter District
Leslie Ave East, Fourways, 2055
Phone: +27 11 465 7777
WhatsApp: +27 62 465 7777



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