MYOKO- Infrared Styling Tool by Mycro Keratin.

MYOKO- Infrared Styling Tool by Mycro Keratin.


Hey Fam,

So once again I am collaborating with one of my favorite hair care brands of all time MYCRO KERATIN. I have been using Mycro Keratin products for a few months now and I really REALLY love the brand.

All of their hair products as well as the salon treatment I had done completely restored my hair to the best natural state its EVER been (like virgin hair all over again). It feels Smooth, silky and easy to maintain with almost no fly a ways. Naturally my hair is quite frizzy and curly but the Mycro Keratin treatment made is possible for me to just wash go , leaving my hair with the finish ad bounce without having to blow wave or style it everyday.

Mycro Keratin’s latest launch was their brand new hair infrared styling tool called MOYOKO. I was lucky enough to receive one from them so I thought I would put the tool to the test.

I do really love the brand BUT do I feel the same about their styling tools?

Watch my latest you tube video to find out my HONEST opinion as well as see a little tutorial on how to create the perfect blow wave without the blow part!!


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