100% Organic and Home Grown Skin Goodness

100% Organic and Home Grown Skin Goodness

They say that beauty is only skin deep, that might be the case but have you stopped to think about what those skin deep beauty products are doing to the environment or the effects these products are having on your skin?

In my world good skin is all about what you apply to it!! I have always been the biggest believer when it comes to investing in your skin and using products that not only help you combat your problem areas but also allow your skin to look its best without using harmful and poisonous chemicals.

An all natural skin care range has been something I was after for a really long time and finally I found it! LOVISA SKIN is all the above things and more. All of their skin care products are designed to target those exact problem areas and are 100% natural, cruelty free and the best part 100% proudly South African.

All LovisaSkin products are oil based and in the beginning I was really skeptical of this. I immediately thought that it would make my skin look incredibly oily, but the exact opposite happened. For the first time in a long time I feel like I have normal skin.

The products I have been using and how they have helped my skin:

  • Cleaner: this oil based cleaner did not just cleanse my face but also removed my makeup perfectly. Due to the fact that its oil based, my skin wasn’t left feeling dull and dry once I had used it. It also smells amazing!


  • Toner: I love toners in a spritzer bottle. I feel that it makes application so much easier so that was a major plus for me. The feeling on my skin was very light and it almost felt like I was applying pure water to the skin!! I think this is the main product and reason for my breakout free skin over the last month! LovisaSkin also has a toner for both dry and oily skins so whatever your type they have got your covered!!


  • Rejuvenating serum: This is definitely the start product of the range for me!! I LOVE IT! This serum is 100% organic with added vitamin A, anti-aging properties and all the vital minerals your skin needs to maintain a healthy glow. I believe this product is solely responsible for my glow at the moment. So many people have stopped me to ask what I use! I really think the price point for such an amazing serum is also really good!


  • Pigmentation Serum: This stuff really works! After just using these products for a month my freckles have faded massively and I couldn’t be happier about it! I know people shout at me all the time for hating them! But it’s my thing, I wish they could disappear, and thanks to LOVISASKIN they are! The incredible ingredients in this product are lemon and frankincense that helps to lighten the pigmentation and of course smells amazing! I apply this at night before bed for the best results.


for more information about any of their products and to purchase LOVISA skin today visit their site NOW.



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