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Once again a brand has stepped into my world and changed my life in more then one way! Firstly let me introduce you to POPSICLE PROFESSIONAL NAILS, these guys are the next big thing when it comes to professional nail systems and products. POPSICLE stock a very wide range of nail dip powders, nail tools and everything in between that you could possibly need as a nail tech.

I have worked with POPSICLE for quite a while on a marketing basis, but a few weeks ago it was my turn to sit in the chair and get my mind blown with what their products could do for my nails and how they could transform my natural nail bed.

The products in question are none other then HYBRID GEL!! (Entre dramatic pause here) Hybrid Gel is literally the coolest nail application system I have EVER seen. The product is of a tube gel formulation that allows you to sculpt directly on top of the natural nails with NO lifting, chipping and most importantly NO DAMAGE!

The benefits of Hybrid Gel are endless but here are a few for the more technically involved readers:

  • No more monomer
  • No more intense smells that can be harmful.
  • No mess
  • No more time wasting processes (turn 3 hours to 2 at your nail tech)
  • No chipping
  • No dipping
  • No dripping
  • NO lifting
  • 3 simple steps to follow for the perfect set.

With all this said I am sure the top thing on your mind is how can a gel product go onto your natural nail and last for 4 weeks? Its simple Hybrid Gel is just as strong as acrylic without all the harmful chemicals. No more hours of buffing or trips back to your nail tech to fix that awkward looking chip.

In the recent months I have been on a mission to grow my own nails so I wouldn’t need to keep adding tips, and its safe to say that with products this good its more than easy! From the day that Nikki applied this product to my nails I have never looked back and I will definitely be keeping away from all acrylics from now on!

Contact POPSICLE now to find out where your nearest stock list salon is and experience HYBRID GEL today!!

For more information or to purchase these products please visit their website.


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