I don’t often put my anti-aging faith in drug store based products however these have really made a positive impact on my skin. The entire range is made up of argan oil based products that nourish and replenish the skin. This skincare range is without a doubt all about the replenishment of all the good cells we need to keep us young and glowing. The products also help to repel all the bad cells that hit our skin.

I have found that over the past month not only does the range smell amazing but it has really helped my skin to become more plump and hydrated, lets be real who doesn’t want plump healthy looking skin!

Lets talk about that low price point- so often I find myself being very guilty of thinking that if a product is available at a drugstore or if it’s a reasonable price it doesn’t work, but these guys has completely changed my mind!! I cannot wait to do my skin care every day and remove my makeup every night just so that I can feel how luxurious the products are over and over again.

Oh So Heavenly are also one of the very few drug store brands with a cruelty free brand promise. This is HUGE for not only me but most consumers at the moment. That little stamp makes massive waves and should always be considered when spending your hard earned cash to be even more beautiful then you already are.




From the stop the clock range my favourite 5 star products has got to be the replenishing face serum. This product is so amazing, I use it morning and night not just on my skin but on my lips as well, it provides moisture and a feeling of luxury to the skin. The formulation of the serum also has such an amazing feeling on the skin, its not a super watery texture like most serums, but rather it feels like a very light weight cream / moisturizer making it really easy to wear day and night. No heavy creasy feeling on the skin. This serum is also one of the most effective and gets these affordable serums I have ever used.

Anti old beautifully plump skin for an amazing price? I think YES! Oh So Heavenly I am a massive fan, well played.

***All OH SO HEAVENLY products are available exclusively at Clicks stores.



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