BLENDING, when you think you have blended enough, blend some more!!!!

One of my biggest pet peeves and the most important thing I teach both my students and clients is the importance of blending in each and every makeup look that you do. This is the one thing that takes you from an average makeup artist to a great makeup artist.

The bottom line of blending is all about the tools you use. Through months of research and sourcing I have just developed my very own brush range that focus exclusively on the art of blending.

In this set you receive 5 face blending brushes that cover everything from contouring and highlighting, to the perfect foundation finish and MORE. The best part about our brush range is the fact that they aren’t thirsty. In other words they don’t absorb half your bottle of foundation before you have even finished your application.

Eyes – my favorite area of the face has got to be the eyes. Within this blending set you also receive 5 eye blending brushes that allow you to blow out any style of shadow in the most beautiful and effective ways possible.

Let’s get real here for a moment, I can guarantee you that at some point, while reading this article, that something very serious went through your mind. Were any furry friends hurt in the process of manufacturing?

ABSOLUTLY NOT! All of Thunder Cosmetics brushes are 100% synthetic, which means they are plastic and no animal bi products have been used to create your product.

Allow Thunder to become your biggest supporter every morning when you do your makeup.


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